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Thermal spraying allows coating applications of high performance materials such as metals, alloys, ceramics, and carbides to be applied to relatively easy-to-work and more economical base materials to significantly enhance component performance.

Thermal spraying processes offer tremendous improvements in component performance such as wear, heat, oxidization and corrosion resistance.

Thermal spray coatings are also commonly used in the overhaul and repair of damaged or worn components, offering a cost effective and timely alternative to purchasing replacement parts.

Thermal spray coatings are widely accepted for use in diverse industries such as aerospace and oil and gas and has been approved for numerous applications on new airplane production by Boeing and Airbus. Many of the applications involve wear surfaces on structural and landing gear components which were previously designed with chrome plating. Properly applied thermal spray coatings can increase the component service life, reduce the risk of catastrophic failure and reduce the long-term maintenance cost.

Thermal spray coatings have advanced in recent times and technology has advanced quickly. Designers now utilize thermal spray coatings to enhance their product and can give improved performance rather than just a last resort repair process.

Southwest United Industries continually invests in new technologies and production capacity and techniques to meet the new demanding standards of our customers. Our coating engineers work closely with our customers and industry researchers to stay on the leading edge of thermal spray technologies and institutions to develop new materials and enhancements.

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Thermal Spray Services Offered by Southwest United Industries:

  • HVOF
  • Plasma
  • Wire Spray
  • Flame Spray

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